Cafe Stops

cupsThe ideal cycle ride has a cafe stop just over halfway through. Even though we’ve only been cycling in the Lothian and Borders area for just a few years, we’ve got to know a fair number of places, so I’ve put them up here as an aid to planning our rides (and yours too if you trust us!). No reviews, but just to say that we’d be happy to roll up at any of them looking for tea and cake, or something a bit more substantial. And in winter, somewhere to warm up a little!

Incidentally, if your favourite isn’t up here, it probably means we haven’t visited yet!

This map will get updated as and when we discover more cafe stops. That means more cycling, more tea, more cake… life’s hard!

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  1. Lynne Morris says:

    Great idea to keep track of places to refuel, especially the good ones. Also good to know if there are any to avoid 🙂

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